Hiring Process

At Focusinc, we make it easy to expand your workforce with our talented pool of Virtual Assistants.

Welcome to our Process page, where we outline how simple it is to add a Focusinc VA to your workforce. If you are unfamiliar with the process of hiring a VA, or simply want to learn more about how we pair our people with your business, we outline the steps below.

Getting to Know You

Before attempting to match one of our VA’s with your organization, we consult directly with you to better understand you and your business. This helps us to determine exactly what kind of services you will require from Focusinc. We are experts at identifying and refining the specific tasks you require and finding ideal candidates for the job.

Once we understand the aims of your organization and the requirements of the position to be filled, an overall profile of the job and its requisite skillsets are compiled and sent to our recruitment department. There, our recruitment specialists cross-reference the substance of the consultation with our available talent pool to identify suitable candidates for the job. In the event that we do not have a candidate in-house to fill your position, we simply recruit one for you. This prospective employee is subjected to the same rigorous standards of excellence, capability and character as the rest of Focusinc’s talent roster.

Meet the Candidate

Once we have narrowed our search to a specific applicant, we arrange an interview between you and the candidate via phone or Skype. At this point, you have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish, as well as subject the applicant to any sample tasks or other means of measuring the candidate’s skills as you see fit.

If the candidate meets with your satisfaction, the next step is generating a contract between your business and Focusinc that stipulates the job, it’s length, and the setup fee. After the paperwork is completed, one of our supervisors will contact you in order to examine the duties and expectations of the job in depth. At the same time, our IT department builds a workstation for your new hire.

Ready to Work

One of our supervisors trains alongside your new VA to learn every aspect of the new position. The benefits to this are twofold. First, your VA will have someone on-site who can answer any questions about their new task. Second, in the event you wish to add any additional VA’s to your team, the supervisor is on hand to take care of the training for you.

Upon the completion of training the new hire is ready to work for you. Communication between you your VA is facilitated via phone, email, or Skype. You are also encouraged to contact the Supervisor directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Get Started!

We work hard at making the addition of a Focusinc VA to your workforce as simple and efficient as possible. Our customer service staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about Focusinc, our staff, or how our process works. Contact us today and let us help solve your manpower needs.

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