Our Employees

Smart business owners know that selecting, training, and retaining a quality workforce are perhaps the most crucial elements in the long-term success of their companies.

Our Employees

  At Focusinc Group Corporation, we dedicate substantial resources to acquiring talent with the high standards you demand without costing you the time, effort, and expense involved in the hiring process. Our employees are recruited based on their superior credentials, skills, and disposition, and are equipped with state of the art technology to complete any task.  

Top Talent

We Recruit Thoroughly Vetted, Top Talent

The vast majority of Focusinc employees are graduates of prestigious universities here in the Philippines. Representing a variety of educational backgrounds, from engineering and computer science to humanities and art, our employees are among the best and brightest in their respective fields.

Our application process takes into account previous employment history and professional references. We seek focused, ambitious, and talented people on a career track because we believe these traits yield the best performance for our clients.

talented people

We are very selective with our employees—we hire an average of one out of every 15-20 applicants.

Along with seeking out the most talented people available, all of our employees undergo a rigorous background check to make sure the candidates we place are reliable and up to the task to which they’re assigned. Staffing your business with our qualified, prescreened employees saves you time, effort and money.


Ready-Made Workforce

A Ready-Made Workforce Trained to Assist with Any Task

Our highly trained, English-speaking staff partners with several industries, including online companies and e-commerce sites. Customer support over the phone, live chat, or email is just one example. In addition, our talent excels at product research and descriptions, including image editing and managing prices online.

Virtually any kind of office task you need falls within our scope, including (but not limited to) bookkeeping and clerical duties, reception services, data analysis and telemarketing, plus website development and maintenance. Whether you need just one employee or dozens, you can be assured that you will have access to the finest talent available that reduces your administrative costs.

modern workplace

Outfitted to Meet the Demands of a Modern Workplace

Our professional office environment includes a headset, webcam, and desktop computer for each employee. We provide essential software including Photoshop and Microsoft Office to ensure that our employees are equipped with state of the art technology as they assist your business.

You can contact your employees directly via Skype and monitor their progress with screenshots, timesheets, and other tools via easy-to-use, powerful software during training and while performing tasks.

Positive attitude

A Positive Attitude for the Job

One of the advantages of hiring talent from the Philippines is the cultural similarity between the Filipino and American work ethic. Our employees are most often schooled in English, and are ambitious, career-minded individuals who believe in hard work and following the rules in order to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

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